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15 Loft Conversion Ideas You Need to Explore

March 8th, 2021

Beautiful and creative ideas for loft conversion in Darlington will give life to your beloved nest!

Loft conversion ideas need to be inspiring to make you work for such a big project. It might be just a room at the top of your property but it holds significance to offer your home a look that you desire. 

Whether it’s a snug room for your children, a home office to complete your professional task in a suitable set up or a master suite – the loft offers you a serene space in your own home. But it should also be in harmony with the other parts of your house.  

Often, homeowners tend to cut short the garden area to make up for the need of space. A loft conversion allows you to extend indoor space without stealing from the garden. It’s a more practical idea for suburban plots where outside space is mostly not so generous. If done right, it adds a great value to your home.

Odd angles, sloping ceilings, nooks and crannies give your loft an unique design. And lastly consider adding glazing to your loft to keep it airy, breezy, insulated and let ample light to come in. If this suits you, book your appointment with Steve Brown Builders to get the best result with diy loft conversion.  

Enjoy our loft conversion plans for inspiration and new solutions:

1. Dormer Loft Conversion for a Spacious Area

While most loft conversion ideas ask for House extension Darlington, this is not necessary with dormer windows. Adding this allows you to make use of every inch of the floor space. And with this design, you’re about to save yourself from a few free head bumps. 

2. Be Strategic with Your Small Loft Conversion 

You might feel less hopeful with a small loft conversion but this also offers an abundance of opportunities if you plan right. Start your planning with the new room to improve your design opportunities. 

A compact loft conversion can be the epitome of luxury if designed right and implemented with the right features. 

3. Rooflights can Make Up for the Low Roofs

Making spaces for loft conversions are put on hold due to a lack of budget or space constraints. However, don’t let this stop you from getting your dream loft. 

Use rooflights to make your loft feel luxurious and spacious. Pairing it with a smart layout and a great storage area can make up for the low headlight.  

4. Keep the Staircase Design in Mind as well  

Often people forget about staircase design that connects the loft with the other parts of a house. But they stitch together the new look. So they’re primary to the success of a home improvement project. 

However, you must consider the Building Regulations which discuss the location of stairs. Invest some time in research before starting the project. 

5. Create a Home Office in Your New Loft 

A loft can be life changing for people who are struggling to work from their living space. Turn your new added space in a light, bright and airy space away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

With the pandemic outbreak, working from home has been the norm. so a dedicated office space is now ‘need of the hour’ for people who are opting for home office.

A loft conversion into a home office allows you to escape the main house and lets you shut down your working mode. It helps you to relax in your safe haven without being tempted to log back on. For privacy in your working space, you can look on Google with ‘how to make an open loft private?’ and you’ll come across thousands of creative ideas. 

To  use your loft space as an office, you need an effective storage area which comes with sloping ceilings and odd angles. 

Invest in some designer furniture to fit the awkward dimensions to keep the room looking stylish and luxurious. 

6. Make the Loft Your Master Bedroom

Turning a loft into a master suite is nothing new. It not only adds value to your room but also adds extra space.

Put forth some thought into blinds if you’re converting the loft into a bedroom — the light from roof windows can be extremely bright and lack of blinds will only wake you up right at the dawn.

You can choose among a wide range of blinds for roof windows — but there’s no better option than a blackout blind for a bedroom. Go for the one that prevents light seeping in from the sides. 

You should also put a place for clothes storage. Alternatively, you can also have fitted wardrobes to suit your space requirement.

7. Add a Bathroom in the Loft

This unique idea might seem a bit out of the blue but it’s no less useful to install bathroom facilities in a loft conversion in Darlington. A loft bedroom demands more extensive bathroom facilities, whereas a study or games room can be content with a toilet and basin. This does not need to be spacious but make sure there is enough headroom. Head height is mandatory over the shower, but a sloping ceiling is fine where the toilet cistern is.

8. A Whole Master Suite in the Loft – Is it any less exciting?

Hide-away from the world in your en-suite by building a master bedroom in the loft. 

A small bathroom or extra room adds value to a property but very few think about adding a quirky master bedroom. 

9. Use it as a Living Room 

An extra living area in the loft space is a nice idea if you have adult children or teenager who may want their own space or you can use it as a second TV room to just  chill out after a long day.

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10. Turn it Into a Den

There is no better space in your house to convert into a den than the loft. Take time before you start using the space for a music or home cinema room as both require different lighting setup.

Make it soundproof if the activities taking place here are going to be noisy. It’s not only about footfall noise but, if you need to be mindful about the transference of noise from one house to the neighbouring one as well. You can soundproof the room by following any of the methods:

  • Thermal insulation in ceilings, floors and walls 
  • Investment in a high-density acoustic plasterboard for sound blocking
  • Install Mineral wool between floor joints for a good sound absorbing layer that also offers thermal insulation
  • Add foam tiles to walls and ceilings for better sound absorption
  • Opt for triple-glazed windows for high noise levels
  • Use carpet instead of hard flooring

11. Lighting Ideas

If you are planning to turn your loft into a master suite, invest in dimmable LED lights to fit along the perimeter for a soft glow throughout the structure.

During your loft conversion, consider the lighting design of the room to achieve the look of a wider space that is enjoyable any time of day.  

12. Build a Kid-friendly Space in Your Loft 

If you are a part of a family with children, turning the space into a children’s bedroom is a great idea.  It’s a great location for hanging around with friends, chill out and relax. 

Create a storage area to keep it clutter-free.  Placing the right lights on walls and floors help a smaller space feel bigger. Adding colourful designs on walls throughout the decor help the room to appear interesting. Cushions, bean bags, lamps and bedsheets in contrasting colors offer the room flexible comfort.

13. At-Home Entertaining Loft Conversion Idea

As people are spending a great amount of time at home, a dedicated space to entertain is priority to most homeowners. A home bar is an interesting idea that will work in every loft space irrespective of its size.

Sloping ceilings and odd angles will work in your favour during storage.

Involve colours through plants and soft furnishings, or go for a neutral colour palette for a more understated look. For a roof terrace, work with the same flooring for both the indoor and outdoor area to give it a cohesive look.

14. Build a Loft Area With a View

Let natural light come into your loft by taking advantage of your views.

Consider whether it’s possible to incorporate full-height glazing or not.  With a sliding door opening in a light, fresh airy spot offers a sense of space. 

15. A House and Garden Loft Conversion Idea

If you are living with older children, relatives or housemates, the loft is the best place to create a self-contained space for them.

Equally, if you own a flat and the loft space comes under your rented part, shifting your living space in the loft is a great opportunity to build a multi-functional space that offers great frontal views. 

However, you also need to consider loft conversion problems before starting with the project. Steve Brown Builders can assist you with your loft conversion in Darlington with premium service quality. Visit the website for more details! 


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